About Us

Proven Rx Sales, LLC is a pharmaceutical sales force geared to provide for both our pharmacies and physician clientele. We offer our clients access to a broad selection of oral meds, medical supplies, and injectables. ProvenRx sales reps emphasize on providing the best service for our customers.

We have an understanding to the most current adjustments in the pharmaceutical industry including the new government regulations. Our mission is to be the driving force, which will assist small businesses to become giants.

Our Pledge to Our Employees, Clients & Investors Communication


At Proven Rx Sales, we value our customers and believe that communication between our team, the facilities and the pharmacies we serve is the key to success.


We believe responsiveness is fundamental in providing complete customer satisfaction.


We continuously evaluate and seek innovative new ways to ensure error-free relationship management between and among our buyer and seller clients.


We provide ongoing education and training for our team – and yours – to ensure we are always providing the highest quality and most cost-effective services possible.


We respect the rights and individuality of all of our business relationships and the people who serve them.


We are dedicated to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers, clients and business partners and to be as productive and efficient as possible.

Our History

Our Purchasing Consultant has over 30 years experience in developing relationships and contracts with manufacturers.